Missionary Kids and Pastor’s Kids

My church generally handles this well. Sometimes they don’t even mind when my youngest runs up on stage and plays with the drums after service. I recently finished reading a book by Barnabas Piper, son of noted pastor John Piper. Thankfully, the main purpose of sharing this journey isn’t to vent, but to heal others. The younger Piper’s mission field is to reach other pastor’s kids who deal with the “anvil-like weight” of being the best-known-and-least-known people of a church. How many of us have struggled with what he refers to as a “false intimacy” of feeling close to God because he “knew all the answers” and could out-argue most Sunday School teachers?

The Pastor’s Kid

Being born in a family of pastors or ministers is a blessing. It is full of fun but also challenges. Not only do we share our parents and give up our bedrooms but we also have to leave up to unrealistic expectations. For some this is the most exciting and fulfilling pleasure as they experience the opportunities that come with it and they experience God and form a relationship with Him.

The experiences and views are different. Both positive and negative.

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Growing up can be tough, but children of preachers face an extra element — the added pressure to keep up appearances and not give in to temptation. Levitz writes, ” Technology has ramped up exposure to all kinds of temptations and ways to get into trouble. Public schools have become places where open, gross immorality is tolerated. God is not unjust. I believe he rewards the sacrifices demanded of clergy kids.

I have more than 10 years in youth ministry and I have seen hundreds of students come through my church. While church life can be a hard time for some children of clergy, others find that their church becomes a welcome center of their childhood development. I think the difficulty arises when churches fail to model healthy social systems for the children.

Jay Bakker does not present an accurate reflection of what a healthy system for children of clergy should look like.

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In this video, he shares some of the best and worst aspects of growing up with his dad as a pastor. Get those out of the way. That creates a whole set of expectations that come with it, because people recognize you, they know who your parents are, they expect you to behave a certain way, believe certain things, act a certain way. Especially during those adolescent years where identity and faith are all just sort of a big mish-mash.

Date. Director, M.A. in Higher Education & Student Development identity development that pastors’ kids experience during their years in college. Participants.

August 29, by Grace Place. Ministries Kids Youth Serve. Usually that meant that the church itself was connected to our home or very close. As a result, our home was not very private. My dad would sometimes use one of the open bedrooms as his study. Many of those who attended our church considered our home their second home. For the most part people were respectful of our home and attempted to give us some sense of privacy.

A few times I remember intrusions from people who did not seem to have a healthy natural space barrier. One man in our home church who had lost his wife was desperate for fellowship. So desperate that he would come to our home unannounced at least 4 to 5 times a week. Sometimes he would offer an excuse as to why he had dropped by at other times he just dropped by.

My parents were compassionate and never turned him away but it left us in an awkward position. We never knew when he might drop by so we had to live as if it might be any moment. After a few months of this behavior, my dad would sometimes park his car behind the church building to give the impression we were gone.

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Without knowing it, I met my wife Olivia at an end-of-year youth event at our church in It happened to be our respective first nights at youth. I had just moved to a new city with family and she had just moved to a new church.

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Have you ever had a secret? I have, and I have kept it my entire life, or at least 20 years of it. I grew up in a small town, where if you mess up, everyone knows about it. It seemed almost as if people were waiting for me to screw up. So I tried to do everything right, I got good grades, I never got in trouble. I also grew up in the church conference world. Many people know me and care about me, so something this huge would really upset a lot of people.

I had always dated guys, mostly because that is what my sister and friends did, so I followed suit. This continued into high school, but I kept dating guys, because they would ask me out, and that is what I was supposed to do, so I did.


Variables included the feelings of the PK toward moving, consistency of parental behavior, amount and quality of family time, ability to be oneself without being noticed, expectations by others for self-perceived as greater than their expectations for others, the status of having a pastor as a father, and the support of church and members, intimacy with each parent, satisfying parental marriage, and relationships with friends and extended family.

All variables correlated with at least some measures of religious commitment although none were strong predictors. The strongest was the PKs’ perception that more was expected of him or her. Other influences not examined in this study appear to have a greater impact on adult religious commitment.

The Only One Under As Much Pressure As the Pastor is The Pastor’s Kid Dad may be following God’s call, but the Pastor’s kids (PKs) are just following mom.

You get to see God work through your parents in a way not many people get to see. This list is meant to make you laugh and is to be taken lightheartedly. Which of these these signs are most true for you?! Sometimes your mom or dad makes reference to something you did in one of their sermons. You have probably been asked to preach before, or at least lead a Sunday School Lesson.

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Preacher’s kid is a term to refer to a child of a preacher, pastor, deacon, vicar, lay leader, priest, minister or other similar church leader. Although the phrase can.

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That means I had to check in to the hotel as soon as I got home to Virginia, and for the next three days, I barely saw my parents. So he did a long, inconvenient U-turn, and then When we finally reached the hotel, it was freezing and pitch-dark—but since the church talk was not over, we sat in the car outside the hotel entrance for another 35 minutes so that my father and that pastor could finish their conversation.

From my perspective, I had flown to the East Coast to spend time with my family. I had six days with them, but four got sucked away into Church Time.

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The youth made this for our pastor on Pastor Appreciation Day! In a world where we women. Here are 5 amazing websites that every new youth pastor needs to check out.

Date. Director, Doctor of Ministry Program. Date. Dean of the Beeson Center. Date play a role in the spiritual development of a pastor’s kids? This project also.

I hope some of them pique your interest, strike a nerve, or rattle your brain and heart a bit. The life of a PK is complex, occasionally messy, often frustrating, and sometimes downright maddening. It can be a curse and a bane. But being a PK can also be a profound blessing and provide wonderful grounding for a godly life. Often the greatest challenges are the greatest grounding and the biggest falls are the best blessings.

This polarity exemplifies the challenge it is to be a PK. The congregation has more responsibility than it knows to care for and ease the burden of the pastor and his family. All he knows is the effects it has on his life.

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